F. D. Brant

Of Gods Strangers and Messengers

TimOtee found himself outside that shimmering barrier.  Somehow there had to be a way to get beyond, but anything that comes close or touches it dies. His family and home are inside that barrier. So begins the trek of TimOtee as he tries to answer the riddles this shimmering barrier presents.

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The Shimmering Barrier: Dazed and confused, TimOtee stood motionless watching that shimmering barrier of death. He was alone separated from his family and friends. Nothing could have prepared him for this, and it’s left him unready, fearful, and desperate. What he faces is beyond incredible, completely unimaginable, or anything he might have seen in his wildest and darkest nightmares.

There must be a way beyond. Desperate he begins to search for the answers to the many questions these impossible events have given him. Has their gods come to his world, or is it something more sinister?

Yet, this appears to be a story from an old one - one that cannot have really happened . . . Did it? These are the thoughts of the young TimOtee as his great grandfather, his namesake, relates the events from his youth, from deep in the past. And as the young TimOtee listens the story becomes more fantastic and unimaginable. Can it true?