F. D. Brant

Unexpected Unplanned and into the Unknown

In a primitive land of walled villages Jay is growing up. Soon his world of youth will give way to the responsibilities of adulthood.

He has a personal quest that he must complete before that time, otherwise it will never happen.

So with permission granted he begins his quest not knowing that his whole world will never be the same, and all that he has ever known will disappear forever.

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Little did Jay know that the past would become his future . . .

.In a post-apocalyptic world where the event is no more than myth, Jay, a young male is about to enter into the world of adults. Still he feels he must accomplish a lifelong dream before making that transition. Since the time of childhood he stared at the dizzying heights of those mountain peaks behind their village and he wanted to conquer them. Once he becomes an adult, then such thoughts must go away. The world of adults is about what is important, what is necessary to survive, what needs to be done to protect their village, and to help wherever and whenever necessary.

So, with less time available he begins his quest not knowing that it will change his life forever. And once he goes through those gates nothing, absolutely nothing will be the same. His known world will end, and before he realizes it death will be a close companion. And with this, time will reveal to him more than he ever imagined or knew existed.

And thusly begins the adventure of Jay in this Post-Apocalyptic episodic novel where he and his sister must overcome the tragedies in their lives, and

Will the tragedies that await him in his future destroy, or will he overcome and become more than he is?