F. D. Brant

The Harsh Lands

The Complete Survival Trilogy

Includes the novels:

Time of Isolation

Desperate to Survive

A Taste of History Past

Updated and Revised!

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Their history spoke of a great war where their ancestors had left their lands, and created their hidden cities, deep inside the desolation. A place where no one could live let alone the tribes or clans.

This great war, bringing the survivors outside the desolation back to a primitive state. The primitives to this day continue to fight among themselves, with no apparent knowledge of their true advanced past.

And because of the harsh lands where the cities dwell, they felt safe with their advances and their illusions. The cities knew they’d remain untouched, unknown, and undiscovered. Yet, something has changed and cities have gone silent. No warning, no sense of impending doom or disaster. Is it a natural catastrophe? Or is it something more . . .

Sampson looked up from the paperwork he was immersed in when one of the workers approached. He thought, Why is it that we still have all of this stuff anyway? Didn’t they promise that as systems were upgraded this extra chore would go away? Taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly he acknowledged the one standing at his desk. “Yes?”

“Sir, we just received a message from the communications hub . . . they’ve lost contact with Terra, you know one of the closer cities to our location.”