F. D. Brant

Desperate to Survive

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Science Fiction

With their Time of Isolation over they had been tasked with solving the problem facing all of the cities. It would have been funny had it not been so serious. So much had happened, so many lost, They were learning that much of their knowledge had also been lost, and were being rediscovered in the ancient systems at the Alpha. The Alpha a mythological place known to all of the cities, but its location unknown. Eventually as time had passed it had become myth and legend, and as such had never existed.

Yet here they were, and it left them wondering what other facts and history were wrong. Still time was against them. After all how could so few stop so many? Was there something hidden here at the Alpha that could help? And they needed more than just their ten, so how to go about it, how to keep the enemy ignorant? Valid questions, and they had no answers.

Book 2 in the Survival Trilogy

So Few Remained . . .

 With the Time of Isolation behind them . . . the remnant of the Scout Team has been tasked with ending the undeclared war between the Cities and the primitives.

At the time of discovering the Alpha and learning of their true past, they are at loss as to what the ten survivors from their City can do. Ten against what appears to be thousands of primitive warriors bent on just one thing. And that one thing is the destruction of all the hidden Cities deep inside the desolation.

Still from the view of K’jor, the leader of the primitives, he sees the Cities as lairs of magicians and sorcerers, an abomination to their way of life. After all, it must be so since none can live in the desolation. It is a land of spirits, a place where the dead dwell, a land overseen by their gods.

And thusly the conflict is set as the Cities learn of their true past, and the fact they may be the last of their kind. And as the conflict and undeclared war rises to new heights both sides are Desperate to Survive.

Second Edition available April 21, 2017