F. D. Brant

Time of Isolation

Science Fiction Adventure

Book 1 in the Survival Series

The cities were hidden deep in the desolation. Their history stated that they were the remnants of an advanced civilization and that the primitives were of the same. It had been war that brought them down and had reduced the ones outside of the desolation to their primitive state.

All had been functioning well over time, and all of the cities remained confident that they were safe. After all the desolation was so harsh that no one should be able to survive let alone live there. Making it the last place that the primitives would ever want to go.

With cities going dark it was assumed that there was a natural disaster, or maybe a failure within the systems, such as failure of proper maintenance. Yet the distance between the cities were great and travel was discouraged so whatever the answers truly were no one knew.

Nervousness had spread through the populace, but with no answers what could one do?

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Silence! Silence and static is all that they hear as Sampson and his shift attempt to contact Terra, another City gone silent – gone dark. What’s truly happening, Sampson thought. After all, they’re an advanced society hidden deep inside the desolation for protection – a voluntary Time of Isolation.

It has been this way for at least a millennia or more. At the time when the Cities were established it was to escape a Great War. This same Great War that pushed the ones outside of the desolation to become the primitives they all know and fear.

And now without warning something’s changed. Something ominous is on the horizon, and no one knows the questions to ask let alone find the answers. Is the cause the primitives, or is it something else? With the distances between the Cities too far to travel none can make direct contact – so what should they do? And who should they turn to solve this deadly riddle that is now before them?

Second Edition available April 21, 2017