F. D. Brant

Contemporary Christian Fiction

Single Book

 Would her unbelief in God allow her to survive? Or would she finally have to face that unbelief and reach out to God and ask for his help? She had no skills, hated camping really, now she had wished that she had paid closer attention back when she was growing up, but now it was too late.

The snow was falling heavily signaling a strong winter storm, which confirmed that she had been wrong. She knew that her family would be worried, but without a clue as to her location she knew that she was completely on her own.

She knew nothing about surviving in the wilderness, yet what choice did she have?

, just cleared of the snow from that weak storm, and in her mind, easy to travel. After all, she had made this trip a number of times - she could almost drive them in her sleep - so what could go wrong?

She was an unbeliever, one who did not believe in God or Christ. Even though her family and her fiancé's family were all strong Christians, she just could not see how anyone with a brain could fall for these gods that had been created by first century man. It simply was a way to explain things away that they did not understand. But God had other plans for her. And these plans would interrupt her trip and make her face her unbelief.

Suddenly she found that she was, lost and alone. Would she die? And would she face her lack of faith as she fought for her very survival?  After all she was a city kid, and loved that life. But now she was lost in a wilderness with a snowstorm raging, with no experience at all, and only God to turn to. In the end, would that be enough?

The Woman in the Snow

Cathy looked out upon the scene surrounding her – nothing but forest. That last weak winter storm had left little behind to even state there had been much of a storm. In her mind it signaled an end to winter. It’s time to be on the road. She missed her fiancé desperately, and with impatience began that familiar route to his home. College finals were winding down and she was eager to be with Keith.

She’d been warned that there could be other storms, but the forecast spoke of a few cold and clear days. And she wasn’t going to miss the opportunity that was presented. Now she only had to travel those isolated backroads through a heavily forested and isolated area. She’d traveled those roads so often she could do it in her sleep. Yet God had other plans . . .

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Second Edition available April 21, 2017